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Saxon Ulrich is a powerful warrior from the Saxon tribe of Wessex, England. He is very capable and was brought into the world of The Red Coat by a cursed blade and a trap set by his arch nemesis, Arthur.

Capabilities Edit

Saxon Ulrich is powerful, but posesses no, so to speak, supernatural abilities. At one point in the Comic series Anglo, he developes the ability to summon a powerful Knucker, a rare type of aquatic dragon.

Background Edit

Saxon Ulrich, (also "Sir Ulrich") appears as the main character in Saxon and also appears for part of the series Anglo. His all-time nemesis is Arthur, the self-proclaimed king of England. He manages to destroy part of Arthur's castle, Camelot, but fails to defeat the king. He dies in the third issue of Anglo, the sequel series of Saxon.

Sir Ulrich in Red Coat Wiki Edit

Sir Ulrich is brought into the world of The Red Coat by a spell cast by the wizard Merlin, near the end of Saxon. He vanishes for 200 years, and reappears in the second issue of Anglo. He is a powerful ally, but is uncertain of the people of this world, and switches sides several times...