Steven trice, is a character I made, he is set in the marvel universe and his powers are the ability to absorb all types of powers mutants, in-humans, aliens, even just plain humans he does it by grabbing his victim and draining their very life force bones flesh powers and all giving him more powers and more general power

his base powers set through out the stories are telekinesis, flame, regeneration, and warping gravity as he walks (makes it hard for bullets to hit him when they get close) he also has a large collection of powers he has absorbed

His back story Edit

He has a quite long back story, he was born some time in the 1400dreds and is not a mutant he merely has this power he was unable to control his powers and killed his family as well as his village, until he came across the owl queen a person with the ability to send a high level telepathic screech through any level of mental field, allowing her to destroy houses is a pulse of silent sound or make everyone around kneel with pain or die, he caught her off guard and destroyed her, but her vast mental ability overcame death and became part of his mind forever trapped but not fully gone, it also gave him the ability to fully control even the worse of powers giving him a good mastery of his powers, this same metal imprint happened with a few more powerful super heros like a immortal human (Varchren) he found, a barbarian viking (Jhorn-Ba) with the ability to double his strength with the strenth of people near him giving him quite a powerful advantage, all of witch steven trice gain none of these powers, but continued to keep their imprint, he was never able to use the owl queen's power but the mastery became his own

Later he (continued later)