"The Draw-Master" is a fictional super-hero created by William Leonard. It's comic, "Draw-Master Comics" has been published by Liam O' L. Comics since 2006.

Super PowersEdit

The Draw-Master has a magic pen he has kept since early age, which enables him to draw reality, i.e. draw things that come to life. He also has a rarely-used "Super Eraser" which he made to rub out the drawings of his oldest enemy, "Mr. Pen-Pusher", who appeared in the very first comic. Like any other DC Comics super-hero, he has an ability to fly.


Draw-Master has had many enemies during his career as a super-hero, but the most notorious was the earlier-mentioned hero-turned-villain "Mr. Pen-Pusher". In the first comic, Mr. Pen-Pusher was a super-hero in the 1980s, with the same powers as Draw-Master, but he was very unpopular because of Superman's growing fan population. He then gained more popularity as a villain, by using his pen to draw dead people and then using his eraser to erase the real bodies, and replacing them with dead ones. Draw-Master sorted him out by drawing back the people who were presumed dead, and Mr. Pen-Pusher was sent to jail.